I grew up in England, in humble surroundings. I spent my first 18 years living in a small house with a big family. It was tight but we made it work. I look back very fondly on my upbringing. It was all about the richness of life not the riches in life that mattered. My parents loved music, art, sport and drama and we were encouraged to be creative. Dreaming became an important part of my creativity.

I would often sit or lie on the floor in the living room and watch the clouds move through the sky. I would find myself getting lost in deep thought during these moments. I would think about amazing beaches and exploring other countries. Wearing the latest David Beckham soccer boots and scoring important goals for Aston Villa and England. I would picture precisely how I would take the ball from one end of the pitch to the other and chip the goalkeeper…then celebrate with the crowd. I dreamt about ways to make money such as washing cars and cutting lawns.

I distinctly remember the feeling of adrenaline I would get, knowing these dreams were ideas and those ideas could be turned into reality.

Stepping out of this state, I would immediately commence the ‘business plan’ (I was 8!)…writing down how many cars I could wash in a day, how many friends my parents knew that could be persuaded to participate and the revenue this would yield. This plan would be put into action and that action got results. It wasn’t long before those boots were on my feet, goals were being scored and now…I’m living in Australia.

Big dreams are goals. These goals provide you with hope. This hope provides excitement. That excitement turns into passion. Passion becomes an obsession. Being obsessed creates mastery…and that mastery is needed to change the world.