I’ve been in the recruitment industry for more than thirty years, I’ve seen my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved in many highly successful IT brands including Icon, Ambit, Phoenix and Ajilon.

So, it started with not much more than a hunch – What if we created a business focussing solely on attracting the best Principal Recruitment Consultants we could attract? Then create the ideal environment where those professionals could scale and grow.

What if we could create such an environment where professionals enjoyed genuine freedom to choose how they worked, financial rewards way beyond the normal one thirds, two thirds, a funky work space and functional tools delivered on a platform that enabled you to reach for the stars and zoom beyond.

What if we treated these consultants like true business partners instead of workers, real people instead of numbers and professionals instead of children.

The idea had been bubbling around in my head for quite a while then, through circumstances, some  serendipity and good fortune, I met my now business partner Luke Marshall, we met for coffee in Elwood which lasted more than three hours, we clicked, like mindedness can do that.

Luke was a highly successful search professional specialising in the Retail sector, a ten year veteran and a pro, he’d worked for a multi national, then a boutique and a start up – great experience there, but more importantly he is a millennial with vision, drive and a passion, we clicked immediately then started dreaming and planning. 

Amadeus was born because we too often hear from our fellow professionals that there needed to be a better way of doing business, a way of doing business based on a mutual set of values and DNA. Amadeus is a bold play, a transformational initiative where freedom, flexibility and great functionality delivers unsurpassed financial rewards. We often say it’s a place “where you belong” – but it’s not for the feint hearted.