I have been blessed to have had led four amazing start-ups and to have been at the helm of those market leading brand stories over that thirty year period, brands such as Icon, Ambit, Ajilon and Phoenix.

We managed to create literally hundreds of millions in shareholder value and build high performing teams that generated amazing momentum, we were rarely beaten in our market place when we fixed our eyes on a target, the thrill of the chase never leaves you.

One thing I can tell you without fear or favour – Your joy will be derived from the journey not the outcome.

I have sold four businesses now, typically to multi national listed companies (not easy) who were happy to have paid record multiples, such was the strength of our brand positioning and the quality of people we attracted and retained, staff and partners equally important.

If your anything like me, an entrepreneur, the real joy comes from the grinding out the early wins, creating the brand, leading the charge, developing lasting relationships / partnerships and garnering the energy to keep going when others around you can’t or seek to cast doubt and snigger.

So, I’m thrilled to report that Amadeus, our start up that was born back in February over a coffee and a hunch in the talent management and consulting space led by myself and Luke Marshall is beginning to make its mark as a disruptor. We are doing this by attracting great people and forging strategic partnerships under the new way of doing business the Amadeus way.

Just this week we met with two global clients who have been delighted by our novel and refreshing approach, something different to the age old transactions that have been at the core of our industry since day dot.

We also met with two potential consulting partners, a strategic management consultant and a former elite athlete who is redefining Learning and Development, proof yet again that the right one plus one can equal three.

It’s exciting, it’s fun and its rewarding, If you’re feeling cramped in your present role in recruitment or professional services consulting and want to explore how Amadeus might just be able to provide a real alternative that’s flexible, functional, financially rewarding and fun. Check out our website at www.amadeusgroup.com.au or if you have a hunch … call me on 0419 300 334 for a coffee and a chat.